At DCI we believe in providing abundant opportunities for students to develop and maintain healthy minds and bodies. One of the IB Learner Profile traits is to be Balanced and at DCI we strive to provide the proper balance between work and play so that students can be successful in and out of the classroom. Through our student life activities, we help students to understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others.

Students have the right to feel safe and secure in their learning and social environment at school. Please review our Bullying Prevention Policy. Our Student and Family Handbook is available, and Manual para el Estudiante y la Familia as well. (The signature page is here, and en español.)

Students are able to participate in lunch clubs, after school clubs, athletics, homework help, and field trips through our ACE and extracurricular programming. Students are able to have agency in this programming by forming their own clubs and suggesting their own activities. Clubs and activities are subject to change every quarter. Below are lists of current student life activities:

Lunch Clubs

Model UN, Chess Club, Serve and Socialize, Student Council, Tutoring, Newspaper, Yearbook, Drama, Computer Programming, Lu Verte Verde (Green Club), Baile Latino, Teens Run DC, Farm to Table (cooking and gardening club), Anime, Cha Hua Hui (Chinese Club), Peer Mediators, NASA & Space Club, Equality Matters, Debate Club, Marine Biology Club, Painting Club, Boys Group, Girls Group, and Soccer.

After School Clubs

Theater Club, Global Initiatives and Action (community service club), A Cappella Choir, Rock Band, Robotics Club, International Film Club, International Cooking Clubs, Yearbook Club, Baking Club, Guitar Club, App/Coding Club, Kung Fu, Street Photography, Book Club, Voice.World.Beats, CS First, Zumba International Club, Journalism Club, Literary Magazine, and Empty Bowls (SOME).


Dances, Community Service, Career Days, Cultural Celebrations, Overnight trips, International trips, International Exchanges, Festivals, Fundraisers, Special Theme Days, Talent shows, and Lunch Speaker Series.


Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Cross Country, Volleyball, Rugby, Baseball/Softball, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Strength and Conditioning, Ultimate Frisbee, and Track and Field.